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Access to quality education is the foundation for ensuring that refugees gain the relevant skills and competencies, including technical and vocational skills, to participate in decent work, academia and entrepreneurship to increase their prospects for self-reliance and durable solutions. The goal for 2030 is to achieve enrolment of 15% of young refugee women and men in tertiary education programmes.

Education providers or organisations offering education opportunities for refugees, including education pathways for admission in third countries, are invited to enter the programme details in the form below. The information will be made available to potential refugee candidates to search for opportunities.

This form will take 10-15 minutes to fill in. Please complete all the questions with (*).

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1. Programme Information

Are you providing opportunities for
Indicate a country where study can be undertaken
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Type of opportunity
What is covered?

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Is the student allowed to work while studying?
If other, please specify

2. Eligibility criteria

Select"all" if your programme does not target any specific nationality or select the specific nationalities accordingly
Minimum education level completed required to apply
Language of Instruction
Language proficiency level
Please indicate score, if applicable or indicate none if not required.
Accepted status documentation
If your programme does not target a specific country or countries of asylum please select "All"
Please put 0 if none

3. Application timeline

Application period
Indicate month/year (e.g. August/2020) or on rolling basis.

4. Protection considerations

Are there options to stay after completion of studies
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Can immediate family members (spouse and children) accompany the applicant to the third country at the time of his initial departure?

If other please specify

Who is responsible for the costs of family reunification?

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