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  • Luiss University and Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale

    Progetto Mediterraneo

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    Progetto Mediterraneo aims to educate refugees and students in need from various Mediterranean countries, by giving them access to English-language Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs at Luiss University. Upon completion of the courses, students possess the knowledge and specific skills needed to continue their studies and/or pursue managerial positions that contribute to the economic and social development of the region and their communities.

    Applicants can visit the following page Financial Aid and Scholarships, where they can read the Call for Applications. After reading the Call, they may apply online at the following link.

    The current edition of Progetto Mediterraneo is managed in collaboration with UNHCR.

  • Details at a glance

    Business Administration, Social Sciences, Journalism and Information
    Until 31/03/2022
    Full scholarship for the first year, renewable
    There is no age limit
    0.00 USD
    In-person programme delivery
  • Requirements

    Targeted nationalities
    Targeted Country of Asylum
    Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Turkey
    Accepted status documentation
    Refugee certificate, Asylum seeker certificate, The scholarship is open to refugee students who at the time of departure are recognized as refugees by a state or by UNHCR under its mandate in Jordan Lebanon Iraq Morocco and Nigeria; or in Turkey, registered under temporary or international protection
    Language of Instruction
    Language Proficiency Level
    Which certificate do you require to prove the required language proficiency?
    optional certification
  • More details about this opportunity

    • Opportunity timing
      One-time opportunity
    • What is covered in this program
      Language training
      Monthly stipend (e.g. food allowance)
      Health insurance
      Travel costs to the third country
    • Type(s) of visa/residency permit granted upon arrival
      Student visa/residency permit
    • Is the student allowed to work while studying?
      Not applicable/Not specified
    • Can the nuclear family accompany or join the main applicant?
    • Are there options to stay after graduation?
      Not applicable
    • Application fee
    • Application period
      Specific date (one-time opportunity)
  • For further questions contact the scholarship provider

  • Additional note

    Applications without the required documents will not be considered valid. 


  • Disclaimer

    The content presented on this site has originated from the third party providers. UNHCR is not responsible for the application process or oversight of the opportunities presented here. Questions on a particular opportunity should be directed to the relevant provider.

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